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Dissolved Oxygen Meter w/probe & 1m cord, 840041


Dissolved Oxygen Meter w/probe & 4m cord, 840046


Reads dissolved oxygen for measuring water quality in labs, industrial and municipal waste water, aquariums, fish hatcheries, and environmental testing. Also monitors oxygen in air for indoor air quality and confined space applications.   Features automatic temperature compensation as well as compensation for salt and altitude, all factors that directly effect D.O. readings.   Simple one button calibration to air.   Oxygen can be read in either mg/L or % oxygen in air, and temperature in C or F.   Both oxygen and temperature readings are simultaneously displayed.   

Features min-max-average, RS-232 port, large LCD with unique LCD viewing angle contrast control, Auto Power Off, hold, low battery, and over range indicators.  Heavy duty but light weight construction perfect for field use. Comes in a hard carrying case complete with a polarographic probe with a built in temperature sensor, battery, spare membranes, and electrolyte. 

02 Measurement   
Unit Range Resolution Accuracy
mg/L (DO) 0 ~ 20 0.1 0.4
%O2 (Air) 0 ~ 100 0.1 0.7

Temperature Measurement  

C 0 ~ 60 0.1 1.0
F 32 ~ 140 0.1 2.0

Compensation Adjustments 

Temperature Salt Altitude (ALT)
0 to 60C (Automatic) 0 to 39% 0 to 3900 meters


Dimensions (Meter) 7 x 3 x 1-1/4"
Dimensions (Probe) 5 x 3/4"
Probe Cable 1 meter
Weight 12.5 oz.
Display Dual function, 4 digit display, 0.5" high
Operating Humidity Max 80% RH
Meter Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50C
Probe Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60C
Sensor Oxygen Polarographic type with temperature sensor
Sampling Time Approximately 0.8 seconds
Power Supply DC 9V battery (heavy duty alkaline type)


Optional Accessories
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Item #

Description and Price

840042 Probe w/1m cord,  
840047 Probe w/4m cord,  
840043 Replacement Membranes,  
840044 Replacement Electrolyte,  
840051 Datalogger with DATA LAB Graphical Software,  
840053 DATA LAB Graphical Software,  
840055 RS232 Computer Cable,  


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