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Model BTC-101 Controlled Withdrawal


Liquid photoresist for pattern masking can be uniformly coated to a controlled thickness on copper clads or other flat sheet materials at speeds up to 12" per minute with the Kepro BTC-101 Coater.  Panels are supported vertically from the top edge and submerged into either of the two 13"x13" x 1" stainless steel tanks, then smoothly withdrawn at a preset rate with a variable speed motor.  Dip arms rest in an extended position above the tanks.  When the "Start" switch is activated, the part is lowered into the resist coating and then is automatically withdrawn.  The dip arms return to their upper position with the resist coated panel.  Two 3?quart stainless steel tanks are provided with lids, allowing different resists or coatings to be loaded and stored at the same time.  Machine exterior is constructed of rugged stainless steel and polypropylene. 


For 220-240V AC,
50/60 HZ
Model BTC-101E.

무게; 25 Kg