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Model BMR-904. Copper Recovery System  ... $3,225.00 *
    Model BMR-904E. (220 VAC export model) ... $3,515.00*

* See below for required anodes & cathodes

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Now you can recycle copper from your sodium persulfate effluent with Kepro's new copper recovery system.  The BMR-904 provides a simple method for you to recover copper from rinse waters and spent sodium persulfate solutions, and therefore help you comply with state and federal pollution requirements by removing suspended copper. **

Here's How It Works

The Kepro BMR-904 is an innovative variation of electro weaning that enables you to plate-out nearly 100% of the dissolved copper from spent sodium persulfate etching solutions or low concentrations of suspended copper in rinse waters.  An inert material is used to break the bubble barrier which forms at the electrodes.  When the barrier is broken, the current density is raised, metal ions are removed from the solution and are electroplated onto the cathode.  Copper concentration in spent etch or rinse water can be reduced to approximately 1?PPM.  Once the copper is removed from the spent sodium persulfate, the metal is extracted in easy to handle sheet form that you can collect and sell at your convenience.

This simple application is ideal for batch processing by low volume users of sodium persulfate etchants.  The Kepro BMR-904 may also be used for continuous copper removal in recirculating rinse water systems.

It's Easy, Economical & Safe to Use

Technical Specifications:


platinized titanium anodes
stainless steel cathodes

Recovery Rate

2 anode / 1 cathode configuration
.... up to 4 oz /24 Hr.
3 anode / 2 cathode configuration
... up to 8 oz /24.Hr.


5 gallon batch

Power Supply

5/volts DC 25/amp


pumped persulfate with inert agitation and
electro weaning (reverse plating)


27"L x 17"W x 27"H

Shipping Weight

150 lbs.


Copper Recovery Unit  ANODE/CATHODE Packages

Either a combination of 3 anodes and cathodes or 5 anodes and cathodes are required to operate the BMR-904. See chart above.

Set of Three
Two (2) Anodes/One (1) Cathode
Shipping Weight - 7 lbs.
Part No. BMR-A2C1
Net Price $1,244.00

Set of Five
Three (3) Anodes/Two(2) Cathodes
Shipping Weight - 10 lbs.
Part No. BMR-A3C2
Net Price $1,957.00

The Kepro BMR-904 is one of the best ways to increase your efficiency in pollution control and keep the environment safe.

** Always check with all Environmental Agencies regarding regulations in your area.

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